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Digitizing Maputo

Digitizing Maputo

Daproim Africa has built a reputation that has enabled it to position itself as a reliable and effective digitization partner for any organization or individual planning to make the big leap from operating in an analog way to a digital way. Therefore, it came as no surprise that it was selected as the preferred service provider to digitize at the Industrial Property Institute of Mozambique under a contract with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Earlier on last year, Daproim had acquired an opportunity to conduct a similar activity for the Kenya Industrial Property Institute. It did a formidable job. As stated in Napoleon’s Hill 15 laws of success, the habit of doing more than paid for, could open doors to you that no form of networking could ever be able to.

Fast forward to 2018, another digitization opportunity under the same contracting partner comes along but this time in Mozambique. Mozambique is a fairly developed country with a surface area larger than Kenya’s but a population that is just over half of what Kenya is. Daproim Africa was competing with Mozambican greats, who had an advantage in terms of location. Applying for it at the time seemed like a long shot. The harder you work, the luckier you get it’s said. Daproim bagged the deal. The first week of October saw the Daproim team fly and settle in Mozambique in preparation for the work ahead.

However, the most amazing bit of this story has nothing to do with the Kenyan nationals that flew out to Mozambique to ensure a seamless project and everything to do with how the project was structured to offer employment opportunities for the young and underserved youth in Mozambique. Only a handful of Kenyan Daproim employees were allowed to fly out and be part of the project. A bulk of the positions was left to be occupied by carefully selected young men and women who had satisfied the metrics for Daproim’s impact workers.

As already known, Daproim is an impact sourcing service provider and its social mission is as dear to its heart as its profit making mission. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to create a change in the community in which they would be part of for a short while. Offering employment opportunities for these young people who would ordinarily not get this chance and equipping them with skills would ensure that Daproim leaves them better than it found them.

The project is currently underway and the positive change that has occurred in the lives of these young people is exhilarating. It is beautiful to see and it reminds the Daproim family the importance of being not just the best in the world, but best for the world.